January 24, 2023

What?? I know. It through me off too. And…It’s not a play on words. Apparently, it’s Latin. I only know because Christine received this medical magazine in the mail and on the cover read…. CURIOSUS and on the inside cover read…

Kyoor-ee-OH-sus; Latin; adjective. Eager to learn or know; inquisitive.

It’s from Barnes Jewish Hospital and Washington University Physicians. In the Letter from The President, he uses the same language as Always Adventure and they are up to a similar mission. Of course, they are focused on the medical community but check it out.

“…ways medicine evolves to offer hope and healing to the community.”
“Change and improvement are at medicine’s core.”
“Provides new insights.”
“It’s an ongoing cycle that offers change for the better.”

I love discovering others who share language with all I’m up to. Creating and sharing Always Adventure has been a fantastically challenging and exciting experience. And also, at times quite humbling. Just wait…There’s still so much more unfolding.

The fourth practice in my book is Exploring the Unknown and it’s about the benefit of being curious. At some point after childhood adults seem to stop being as curious. In the neuroscience research I’ve done, the phenomenon of “time passing us by” was specifically talked about as a result of not being actively curious or intentionally engaged. It’s important we practice being more inquisitive. What I’m saying is…You have my full support to act like a child. 🙂

So, I have to ask…
How CURIOSUS are you being?
How eager are you to learn something new?
What are you actively exploring and learning about?

One of the things I am actively learning is Spanish. For Christine’s birthday this year we are headed to Spain, and I would like to be able to ask better questions than just…”donde esta el bano”. Here’s to the practice of Exploring the Unknown with an open mind and active curiosity. Here’s to Living Adventurously!

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