Michael K. – Oregon

In just one conversation with Andy Way, I felt seen and heard in a way that is both rare and empowering. Andy helped me realize how important my vision is and he encouraged me to lean into it even further.

Andy has a unique ability for hearing what IS NOT being said and then gracefully guiding the conversation towards deeper meaning and insight. He provided me with important feedback on how I’m showing up in the world and he called forward my greatness, all in a single conversation with him.

Talking with Andy is like a breath of fresh air. It’s exhilarating, reflective and fun. I highly recommend connecting with Andy for anyone who wants to dive below the surface and reconnect with what’s true.

Chris R. – Washington

Andy is a vibrant, action-taking, grounded, energetic light. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and that force is absolutely for good. I have really enjoyed our collaborations and look forward to many more. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend it!

Tara O. – Arizona

Andy and I are on a shared mission to support parents and each and every time Andy and I get together, I am inspired by this passion and dedication to his work. He’s genuine, caring, thoughtful, and humble and these characteristics elevate conversations from the superficial to profound. This is also the reason why he’s able to help so many men change their lives. It’s impossible to interact with Andy and not come away feeling better about yourself and feeling empowered to take your next step, whatever it is. If you’re reading this, do not hesitate to reach out to Andy and connect!

Judy H. – Tennessee

I’ve had several interactions with Andy face-to-face and through regular screen time. He is such a genuine and soul-hearted man. His ability to tune into and truly listen and understand is a remarkable gift. As a psychotherapist specializing in relationships, I can clearly discern that Andy is as genuine as they come. His presence and energy exude resilience and growth. I’m thankful to be among his colleagues in bringing healing and hope to families.

Sonja F. – British Columbia, Canada

Andy has God-given talent that has allowed him to forge a path of incredible support and strength for families striving to reclaim balance, joy and wellness.

His message of hope is captivating and inspiring.

His commitment to excellence and transformative results in his clients is humbling and inspiring.

I recommend Andy’s skills and services to any parent striving to understand and support their children who are struggling and suffering in deplorable ways.

As a wise one once said, “pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice.”

Andy is the choice to help you and your children find ease from your strife and come back to a place of hope and knowing what steps to take to guide you and your children back to joy.

I’m grateful to have connected with Andy and all he has to offer this world.

Erin J. – Missouri

Andy Way is one of a kind…and I mean that in the best possible way. His unique life experience has positioned him to provide tremendous value to leaders, organizations, parents, and others who are up to something big. He’s a highly sought after presenter with a focus on living adventurously. Can’t we all use more adventure and passion in our lives?! Andy personifies living adventurously and helping others do the same. You get to decide what that means for you. Can’t recommend him enough!

Scott B. – Florida

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Andy for a long time, and he has always been one of my favorite people. Andy is a natural communicator in a way that is so authentic, people are instantly drawn to him because of how he makes ‘them’ feel. So, a couple of years ago when I realized my career and life no longer seemed to be aligned to my personal interests, or values—I felt lost. I knew something wasn’t right, but I wasn’t able to identify exactly what was wrong. I have always known Andy to be a natural listener, with an inherent ability to know when to ask questions, when to give advice, and when to just…listen. Reaching out to Andy was automatic.

He showed up with the same energy and genuine compassion I had always known him for. Andy’s high-level of emotional intelligence and empathy was on full display, promoting an environment of ‘comfortable vulnerability’. He steers meaningful conversations, asks pointed questions, and shares relatable stories from his own life experiences—all leading you to finding your own personal truths.

As a Coach, Andy is a consummate professional. He guided me to discovering the root causes of what was negatively impacting my life; he helped me define the outcomes that could bring me positive change and fulfillment; and then he led me through the steps to achieve real, sustainable change. The process was difficult, but straightforward. Every session, and every assignment was designed to push me towards getting used to feeling more “comfortable being uncomfortable”. I found that the more I embraced the process, the clearer my path became.

I highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with purpose, direction, or just an ambiguous dissatisfaction with their life, to reach out to Andy. An unfulfilled life is a very real problem, and I am so grateful to Andy for being my Coach, my Friend, and dedicating his life to leading meaningful change in people’s lives.


Men – I laid in bed this morning looking out the window of my camper just enjoying how beautiful the trees are, the color of leaves and the contrast to the sky. In the back of my head I had wanted to get up and get packed up to leave, but chose just to enjoy this moment instead and be present…. seems like growth I reflected on the stories I heard yesterday from each of you… and the thing that struck me over and over was how each of you love with such a big heart. How even when it was really hard and most people I know would give up or shy away, instead you loved big. I also love how each of you are so big in certain areas and I listen to how you speak about your journey and your loved ones and it motivates me and I think “I want to be like that”… AND, at the same time, you have your own gremlins you are working on… and even though it’s really hard at times and even though there are setbacks in the journey, you keep taking steps to overcome. As I have reflected on the areas I want to improve, 3 things came up for me. 1. Be present – engage in deeper connection with my family and the people I do life with. Practice being present with them and appreciate the value in that. Choose to be uncomfortable and engage even when my natural tendency is to ‘go do’ instead. 2. Celebrate more – be vulnerable to get excited about life and be more playful. Stop deflecting and celebrate my opportunities and success. Recognize more when I’m holding back as a defense mechanism and push myself to be more vulnerable and live BIG. 3. Stop beating myself up – give myself grace for the areas I’m improving… I’m not in a race, I’m on a journey. Recognize the value I bring is not what I do or what I’ve done, but who I am… and be proud of who I am and where I’m going.


Andy, thank you for such a great weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed it and really came away feeling more connected to the other men and feeling like I got to connect more with myself around topics I struggle contemplating on my own. I know I went into the weekend a bit nervous not knowing what I was stepping into. I appreciated how it forced me outside my comfort zone to let go and just be. I also appreciated the light agenda you sent us Friday and Saturday mornings. It was just enough to give me some insight without too much detail. It did not go unnoticed. Thank you. The way you folded in your method throughout the weekend as we all shared. It was intentional and layered in very nicely and therefore the lessons became very poignant, relatable and actionable. I also deeply appreciated you sharing your story. Although I read the book, to hear you tell your story with your emotion was valuable. I could relate to your pain and sense of grief and aloneness in the dark. I hope you know you are not alone and if you need a friend reach out anytime. The weekend gave me the time to step away, feel and connect to the successes and challenges in my life and allowed me to take time to think about them in relation to others and their experiences. It also helped me start to connect your 5 principles and see where I am incorporating them into my life and where I could leverage them more. Overall so grateful brother. AND Super proud of you!! It was so fun watching you realize your vision! Hope you are proud of yourself.


I am grateful you have allowed me to be part of this amazing tribe you are creating. Great job this weekend!


Thank you brother. The frame and structure was awesome. I appreciate the “aha” moments that i had including with the KELP/KOLB assessment with spending more time thinking and less time feeling.