Adventuremen Roundtable

What is an Adventuremen Roundtable?

Adventuremen Roundtables are curated groups of 6-8 like minded men who want to experience more in life. They are accomplished, smart, fun, and committed to their personal and professional growth. They have experienced worldly success but know something is missing or more is available. Step into an established structure anchored in research based science in partnership with the Institute for Experiential Learning, ancient wisdom, the Hero’s Journey, and the unpacking of one father’s big experience.


Engage in an Adventuremen Roundtable to Experience More…

  • More Clarity
  • More meaningful connection with self and others.
  • More tools and resources.
  • More personal freedom
  • More positivity and spiritual connection.
  • More trust and confidence.
  • More predictable insight.
  • More fun and excitement.
  • Healthier mind, body, and spirit.

Experience More

by leveraging the power of a shared experience over the course of time. Adventuremen Roundtables are uniquely designed, in partnership with the Institute for Experiential Learning, so every member learns how they learn and then how to apply that knowledge to cultivate more tools for their personal and professional development. With your Adventuremen Roundtable membership you now have the knowledge, connections, and support you have been looking for to make more meaningful things happen in alignment with your own vision. Now is your time to Experience More and an Adventuremen Roundtable is How. The Always Adventure Program offers personalized tools that are immediately actionable and deliver predictable results with you in the driver’s seat. But you’re not alone, you are an Adventuremen.


Who is a good fit?

A good fit for an Adventuremen Roundtable member is an accomplished growth minded spiritual man who is committed to their personal and professional development. He is smart, experienced, humble, mentally strong (or wants to strengthen his mindset), and contribution oriented. Adventuremen Roundtables are made up of a diverse group of doers. Each Adventuremen Roundtable is personally curated by Andy Way, the founder of Always Adventure, and is by invitation only. Space is limited to 6-8 men per roundtable.


The State of the Union

Engage in a one-year Adventuremen Roundtable experience to Experience More of what you really want in your life. If you’re bored and tired of living an accidental life set on default, and are now ready to start Living Adventurously daily so you can experience more of what you really want…That is why you join an Adventureman Roundtable. Become an Adventuremen!

About Always Adventure


  • Living an accidental life only to suffer the pain of regret later
  • Living with unhealthy boundaries
  • Living a rudderless existence
  • Living on default out of alignment with the version of yourself you really want…That version you know is more true in your mind, heart, and gut.
  • Get off the roller coaster
  • End the irritability, insomnia, and boredom
  • Stop making excuses for why not and start creating solutions and making it happen
  • Stop drinking to escape
  • Stop escaping in unhealthy ways like overworking, pornography, and engaging in shallow time wasting activities that are out of alignment with what really matters to you and what you really enjoy
  • Stop with the false bravado, overinflated ego, and misplaced priorities
  • Stop being so serious and taking everything so personally


  • Establishing more clarity
  • Creating meaningful connections with yourself, your family, and friends
  • Having more easy going camaraderie rooted in friends you can trust and who you know are committed to the same values
  • Discovering how you learn and explore areas of opportunity for growth
  • Learning how to apply knowledge to your own personal and professional development.
  • Learning powerful practices you can use to get complete with your past and break free from anything that may be slowing you down or holding you back.
  • Connecting and grounding yourself in positivity for the road ahead
  • Leveraging intentional challenges to cultivate deeper levels of trust in yourself and others while bolstering your self-confidence and accomplishing your goals
  • Aligning yourself with relevant insight for the road ahead
  • Learning how and when to energize your life on demand.
  • Communicating and being more powerfully vulnerable for the benefit of yourself and others.
  • Becoming an Adventuremen!

A few takeaways you can expect…

  • Learn how to shift from a primal state of being to a powerful state of being on demand.
  • “Shift I can’t because” conversations to “How can I?” conversations
  • Engage in a safe place…Adventuremen Roundtables are a braintrust for support and valuable guidance.
  • Surround yourself with a group of likeminded people committed to making decisions, taking aligned action, and experiencing results.
  • Increase your cognitive and behavioral flexibility
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Get out of your own way
  • Increased capacity
  • Shift from reacting to challenge to responding to challenges
  • Start to see all contrast as an opportunity for your own growth.
  • You will become an Adventuremen!


Contribute to the growth of others in a meaningful way as you share in a year long journey of self-discovery, meaningful growth and connection, and fun new experiences. As an active participant you get the opportunity to engage and contribute to others in a meaningful way. No one gets to solely be a consumer. Each member is prescreened with an expectation of contribution.



Membership to Always Adventure Program for one year in group setting:

  • Kolb Experiential Learning Profile Assessment, Report, and personal Debrief
  • Opportunity to gain clarity
  • Support and Accountability
  • Surround yourself with personal and professional growth minded people (no big egos or false bravado)
  • Engaged, communicative, and welcoming participants
  • Spiritual Growth with likeminded people
  • Strong brain trust with honest feedback when/if needed
  • Inspiration for a higher standard of wellbeing mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • Safe space for powerful vulnerability
  • A strong and growing network of high-value resources
  • Connection and Friendships possibly unlike anything you’ve had before or since you were a teen.
  • You get to feel good about who you are, what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, and where you’re going.
  • Invitation to two events per year with your group (report building upfront/capstone on backend)
  • Weekly emails with opportunities, reminders, challenges, and insights directly correlated to where you are in the program.
  • Healthier mind, body, and spirit.
  • Invitation to national Adventuremen Conference.
  • Signed Always Adventure book.
  • You will become an Adventuremen!

How does this work? 

  • Initial interview
  • Group assignment
  • Submit signed Commitment and Rules Letter
  • Take KELP Assessment
  • Receive personalized Report
  • Coordinate and Debrief directly with Andy Way
  • Launch date with email instructions and details. 
  • Begin One Year of Always Adventure Program

What is the time investment?

  • Meet once per month via zoom for 3hrs. 
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • Weekly reminder, challenge, and insights email
  • Locals meet in person. 
  • Two powerful in person experiences per year.
  • Connect. Reflect. Create. Deploy. 
  • Individual accountability partner and group accountability

Adventuremen Roundtable

Engage to Connect, Feel More Alive, and Experience More of What You Really Care About.


These are the goals and outcomes you can expect. Once you commit to making a powerful new decision, get crystal clear, and align your actions you will begin to experience the shift you have been looking for. It’s not me. The difference is already inside of YOU. HOW to unpack and unleash that fire in your belly in community with other great men pushing to experience more too…That is what joining an Adventuremen Roundtable will do for you. Don’t wait to suffer the pain of regret later. Get involved to start moving the needle in your own life starting right where you are. Then get ready for things to change!