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Nothing is more certain than uncertainty. While many people fear the unknown, I embrace it as a necessary part of life–one that is even enjoyable when approached well. With a focus on identifying core values and establishing a life framework to support them, Always Adventure’s human-centric approach helps you navigate the unchartered seas of change with confidence and clarity. Most of the time, you know where it is you want to go–the difficulty arises when you consider how you’ll get there. I make your ‘Why” actionable, providing you with a formula to realize your vision.

About ANDY

Growing up on a small island on the southeast cost of the United States, Andy always dreamed of doing something that mattered. He pushed through significant personal challenges and setbacks on his way to becoming a bestselling author and international speaker. Always Adventure helps others identify action steps to turn their aspirations into accomplishments, giving them the tools needed to realize their long-held dreams.


Create a value-driven life and business with the Always Adventure program. Andy offers personalized, actionable tools to help you pursue your goals and move the needle in your life. It’s more than just a formula – it’s the accountability and action to help you see change NOW.


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What they’re saying

“In just one conversation with Andy Way, I felt seen and heard in a way that is both rare and empowering. Andy helped me realize how important my vision is and he encouraged me to lean into it even further.

Andy has a unique ability for hearing what IS NOT being said and then gracefully guiding the conversation towards deeper meaning and insight. He provided me with important feedback on how I’m showing up in the world and he called forward my greatness, all in a single conversation with him.

Talking with Andy is like a breath of fresh air. It’s exhilarating, reflective and fun. I highly recommend connecting with Andy for anyone who wants to dive below the surface and reconnect with what’s true.”

Michael K.


“I’ve had several interactions with Andy face-to-face and through regular screen time. He is such a genuine and soul-hearted man. His ability to tune into and truly listen and understand is a remarkable gift. As a psychotherapist specializing in relationships, I can clearly discern that Andy is as genuine as they come. His presence and energy exude resilience and growth. I’m thankful to be among his colleagues in bringing healing and hope to families.”

Judy H.